XADANEY Consults provides quality management development and business consultancy services to startups, SMEs, NGOs, Family businesses, BMOs, NPOs, corporations, etc. to ensure easy business operation, cost-effective solutions, and strengthen the capacity of human resources to drive the organizational strategy to achieve the desired objectives. With our team of professionals and partners, we ensure our services meet the agreed deliverables and provide further insights into potential opportunities for growth.

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Our team is composed of competent professionals and experts with multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral experience. Thus, when we work with you, we provide the best in the best services.

Operational Excellence

When we work with you, Scope, Budget, and Timeline are our watchwords. We take an agile management approach and embed technology in our operations to ensure that deliverables are achieved as agreed.

Reach For Growth

We don’t just deliver our agreed terms, we take you further by keeping you updated on new developments and opportunities in your sector for your growth. We are readily available and extend your reach through our channels and stakeholders.


To be the leading consulting firm in providing cost-effective management development, Human Resource services, and operations solutions for existing and emerging businesses in Africa.


To provide the desired cost-effective solutions to organizational needs in order to attain their desired Goals


Why Choose Us

Our values are driven by our desire for customer satisfaction, we provide customer-centric services to improve business operations and management development; our professionalism drives us to achieve excellence; we operate with a high standard of probity; our staff and partners are readily available and work across multidisciplinary teams that value diversity and inclusion

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